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Why Is Chronic Rat Medicine Better Than Acute Rat Poison?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The advantages of chronic rodenticide are: The dosage is small, rats do not refuse to eat, to death, so the effect of killing mice, livestock poisoning opportunities are less, in the poison can also use special effects antidote (vitamin K1) to rescue. Chronic rodenticide is in line with the habit of mice eating, rats eat things are broken off and on, eat stop and stop. And chronic rodenticide, most kinds of rats eat once, toxicity is not too strong, after eating is not all comfortable feeling, it can eat for a few days, the toxicity savings up strong, the mouse will die.

Chronic rodenticide effect is slow, take medicine more than 3 days of the death of most rats, no severe symptoms before death, so dying is still taking food bait. The above is about the rat drug wholesale to talk about the chronic rat medicine than acute rat medicine better reason, want to learn more about the wholesale of rat medicine and the mouse Drug factory information, welcome to consult us.

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