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The Selection Of Rodenticide And Dosage Form
- Jun 20, 2018 -

At present, the best drug for killing rats is anticoagulant.

Not only the effect is good, the use of safety, but also a number of consecutive drug toxicity, far greater than the acute toxicity of a drug delivery. The most commonly used drugs for bromine enemy lung, this drug mainly through the gastrointestinal tract absorption, made of bait, palatability is very good, two times the risk of poisoning is very small.

However, poultry is more sensitive to the bromine enemy lung, especially when used in the breeding site to prevent domestic animals from eating poisoning.

According to the different environment, can be cloth different dosage forms of rodent-killing drugs. 

1, Bait: the choice of bait, should choose a mouse to eat food grains, melons, fruit, vegetables, such as bait, to consider the efficacy and palatability. Check the consumption of bait, timely removal or replacement of residual bait. Bait can be placed in a decoy station to use, each decoy station to put 3 of bait can be.

2, Poisonous water: rodenticide Add water (dissolved and water) according to the Rat's habit of thirst, can be placed in the grain depot and other food rich and lack of water place. can be used to cat human bromine enemy lung, or bromine rat Mother liquor can be water.

3, Poisonous powder: is the poisonous powder strewing in the mouse hole and the mouse road. When the rat passed, the powder adhered to the mouse, because the mouse has modified the body surface behavior, with the tongue licking claws, finishing abdominal hair habits, so can cause poisoning death rats.