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Take Precautions When Buying Rodent-killing Drugs
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Precautions to buy rodent-killing drugs:

1) to have the operation of rodent drug eligibility department to purchase rodenticide.

2) to understand the use of rodent medicine ingredients, safe detoxification methods.

Precautions to put in rodent-killing drugs: 

1) to avoid direct contact with human and animal and eating is the most basic principle to ensure safe rodent killing. The environment is changing at any time, put the mouse medicine may not be touched by animals and humans, but after the launch of the possibility of touch, especially in the living area of people and pets, such as frequent contacts, increased the opportunity to touch.

Therefore, in the living areas where people and livestock are frequently active, it is advisable to set up a poison rat or a rodent-killing house to reduce the possibility of human and animal contact and the ingestion of poison rat poison.

2) As far as possible not in the water supply pump stations, wells, pools and other water sources and water facilities to put rodenticide, in order to prevent the death of the mouse fell into the water caused two of pollution, but also to prevent the rodenticide caused by a variety of factors are brought into the influent, indirectly causing safety accidents.

3) Rodenticide Bait to the mouse drug delivery environment around the food is differentiated, to prevent confusion after the accident caused by eating. For example, paddy fields and barns could not be put into rat valleys.

4) Rodenticide is strictly prohibited to be placed in the rain, otherwise, the rain may be the eradication of rodent bait away, so that animals and humans may be swallowed, may also be rushed into the water source and other places.

5) rodenticide bags, packaging boxes, packaging bottles and the preparation of rodent bait containers must not be arbitrarily thrown, to bury or carry out safe custody, to prevent children playing with sucking or packaging food, but also to prevent pollution of water.