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Physical Method For Catching Mice
- Jun 20, 2018 -

(1) Sticky mouse plate method: Put on the mouse, the mouse road side, the plate should be flat.

Can be placed in the ceiling mouse through the place, the sticky mouse board put 2 peanuts as bait. 

(2) Mousetrap method: Mousetrap to use bait, if the bait used without inducement, the Mousetrap can not play a role. In general, use a mouse to eat something that is not easy to eat as bait. In the grain Depot uses the fruit, the candy factory uses the grain, the effect is good. If you are not sure, you can "consult" the mouse, put several kinds of food at the same time where the mouse often activity, see which kind of eat first. On the other hand, in the release of mouse Tools Chan, the collection of other food, rats hungry, can also improve the effect of rodents. Catcher's cloth time is also very important, it is best to put the mouse out of the hole before the good, into the hole to put up after the morning to collect. Use Mousetrap to concentrate more mousetrap at the same time. It would be better to use ten mousetrap for two days to play five mice than to one months with two rat traps. Several rooms have been played, and several rooms have been exchanged.

Later, it will be used for several months, remember that the long-term cloth and only put, do not accept, regardless. 

① Rat-Trap method: The branch should be careful to light, handle, so that the mouse a touch that turn. After the mouse is clamped, remove it in time.

② Squirrel cage: Rat cage in the mouse, the rat cage placed in the lure of strong bait. The cage spacing can not be too large, brown rats, yellow-chested mice to 5-6 meters appropriate, to the small family mouse to 1-2 meters advisable. Sprinkle more than 10 grains of rice at the mouth of the cage to lure them closer to the cage. Bait commonly used fresh sweet potato block, peanuts, fruits and so on.