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Classification Of Rat Drugs
- Jun 20, 2018 -

(1) Chronic medicine: The current use of drugs to kill rats can be selected by the chronic one-ding rodenticide, including: The enemy mouse sodium salt, mice ether, bromine enemy lung, dalong, bromine rat spirit.

(2) Acute medicine: the use of fluoride and botulinum toxin in farmland.

(3) Illicit drugs: 1081 (acetyl Amine), 1080 (fluorine acetate), 424 (Tetramine, no rat), toxic rat silicon.

(4) The use of acute and chronic drugs, the last century since the 80 's, China's use of the first generation of anticoagulant agents safe and effective, is the second generation of anticoagulant kill rat bromine enemy lung, dalong palatability Good, save food, can be used as a replacement variety application.

(5) using the enemy mouse sodium salt bait indoor concentration in 0.025%, the field is 0.05%, the effect can reach more than 90%, concentration 1%~5% lost the advantages of anticoagulation, killing effect is not good.

(6) Do not use unregistered registered poisonous, false, bad mouse medicine, lest have the trouble. Poisoning everyone rats because everyone paranoid, so before putting bait, it is best to put the bait before, 6-7 days before putting bait. Indoor consumption of each room is about 50~100g, using saturated-type feeding method, outdoor 1500~3750g per hectare, the use of blockade belt, one-time bait technology.

(7) To promote the use of C-type Clostridium botulinum toxin to kill mice.