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A Little Trick To Share A Family Rodent Fight
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Method one, mouse board According to the number of mice, to ensure that they can block the activity of the mouse line. Mouse Board placement also has the skill, according to the place place different, may place into the plane, the U shape, the square barrel and so on the shape puts in the mouse must go through the road.

Put into a plane of the sticky Mouse board, first do not open the plastic surface, let the mice adapt to a few days, the mouse in its plate activity for a few days, and then the sticky mouse plate plastic surface open.

Methods Two, rat medicine

Mouse medicine should be placed in "rat diameter", to add medicine for 7 consecutive days, otherwise there will be no effect, the poison can not kill the mice may increase their own resistance to rat drugs.

Method Three, Rat cage The mouse cage is divided into spring type, continuous type and other functions, according to the family situation to choose to buy. On the road of the rat's activity, which is placed near the wall, as with the sticky Mouse board, there is a spring cage, first do not install the spring, put food in the cage, so that the mouse can successfully eat 1, 2 days, to its relaxed vigilance, in the setting of spring organs, catching mice.