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To explain four forms of rat medicine.
- Jun 20, 2018 -

In fact, rat medicine is generally divided into four categories, are solid bait, poison powder, poisonous water, poisonous paste situation, today, Sichuan Mouse Pharmaceutical factory for you to explain in detail under the four types of specific situation! The method of sticking, soaking, mixing and wetting is often used in the preparation of bait. The adhesion method is suitable for mouse drugs insoluble in water. The mixing method is suitable for the powdered base bait soaking method and the wetting method for water soluble rat medicine.

First the mouse drug dissolved in the appropriate amount of water into the liquid, poured into the base bait soaked, to be all absorbed or wet liquid into the base bait can be.

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Poisonous powder A powder made of a mixture of mouse and filler materials. Rodents often use their tongues to lick their claws and organize their belly hairs. NET face and other habits. Using these habits, the rodents poisoned the powder into the hole and died of poison.

But the poison powder itself has no inducement to the mouse, the dosage is big, the effect of killing the mouse is poor, and the food, water and environment are polluted.

Poisonous water Some mice have the habit of drinking water, can not survive. As a result, water is more attractive to mice than other foods in a water-deficient environment.

The medicament is made into poisonous water, and the rats are poisoned by drinking poisonous water.

Poisonous paste Rats often pass through the rat hole to harm the crops, and the poisonous paste is mainly used in the control of rat hole. The water-soluble rat drug is made into poisonous water, then the appropriate amount of flour is added, and the mixture is mixed into poisonous paste. The poison is confused at one end of the hard stem, then the medicine end is inserted into the hole, and the rats are poisoned to death.