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There are different ways to put the mouse drugs in the environment.
- Jun 20, 2018 -

1, Indoor launch

Bait placed in the rat, corner, corner or object, according to the circumstances of the rat and the mouse species to determine the number of bait, generally each 15m2 put 2 points ~3 Point, each point put bait 5g~10g, recommended container Sheng put.

2, the sewer put

In the bamboo piece tie or in the slub to put the anticoagulant blood extinguishes the mouse agent wax block or the animal sex bait to prepare the poisonous bait, the bamboo piece leans in the sewer, puts the poisonous bait the position should be high above the water surface 20cm.

3. Outdoor Launch Outdoor in accordance with the setting of Rodenticide bait station, the bait is put in the bait station, and strengthen management.

Specific settings and management methods, please see the article of the disease Control June.

4, mouse hole to put Outdoor rat hole, bait into the rat hole or cast outside the hole about 10cm away from the cave. In the rat hole dosage generally uses the wax block.