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The operation of pesticide industry
- Jun 20, 2018 -

China's rapid development of pesticide market, the industry overall showed a good development situation, has developed into the world's largest pesticide-producing countries, 2012, China's chemical pesticides (folding active ingredient 100%) production reached 3.549 million tons, an increase of 34%, to provide an important support for agricultural production. The international pesticide market is oligopoly, and the market share of pesticide production enterprises in developed countries is about 90%. At present, our country has more than 2000 pesticide production enterprises, the capacity is more dispersed, the enterprise scale is generally small, the research and development ability is weaker, and has no own core competitiveness.

The majority of small business production patent expired products, low profit, heavy burden, and the world gap between the larger. Through mergers and acquisitions, product structure adjustment and capacity expansion, the strength of local enterprises in China has been strengthened, and a group of leading enterprises with exemplary leading role have emerged. At the same time, Chinese enterprises are paying more and more attention to the independent scientific and technological innovation ability, to the emerging bio-pesticides, low toxicity pesticides, plant growth regulators and other High-tech projects, but also made a lot of remarkable achievements.