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Mouse drug manufacturers tell you how to kill rodents
- Jun 20, 2018 -

First, master the rodent control standards, do a good job of monitoring before and after the eradication

⑴ every 15 square meters of room cloth powder 2 (along the wall 20x20 cm, about 2 cents thick fossil powder), one night after the positive powder is not more than 3%, there is mouse dung, mouse bite traces of the room does not exceed 2%, the key unit of the prevention of rodent facilities not more than 5%.

⑵ of different types of environment accumulated 2000 meters, the mouse trace no more than 5 places.

Ii. Environmental Metallurgy

⑴ in time to kill rat food, complete removal of garbage, control does not conform to the provisions of the storage of food, food, especially leftovers in the catering business needs to be sealed custody, kitchen waste in a timely manner airtight clearance.

⑵ external environment can be used for rats to eat abandoned food and stagnant water in time to clean up.

Third, standardize the rodent protection facilities ⒈ doors and windows, doors and door frames, windows and window edge gap should be less than 6 mm, food processing operations, sales hall, food, medicine warehouse, grocery warehouse and other sites can incur damage to the wood door of the lower edge, should be inlaid inside and outside 30 cm high iron sheet

The basement or floor windows and vents should be fitted with 13x13 millimeter barbed wire.

⒉ a variety of pipelines or cables in and out of the construction of the hole with cement and other materials blocked, indoor may be used by rodents and holes, cracks also use cement ring gaskets. ⒊ sewer should be fitted back to the water bowl, indoor drains equipped with a complete iron grate, to the outside outlet site should be 13x13 mm mouse-proof Fence gate.