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Methods of Use of pesticides
- Jun 20, 2018 -

One, powder agent. Powder is not easy to dissolve in water, generally can not add water spray, low concentration of powder for injection powder, high concentration of powder used for preparation of toxic soil, bait, mixing and soil treatment.

The powder is convenient to use, the work efficiency is high, it is advisable to use in the morning and evening without wind or weak wind. Second, can be wet powder. Strong hygroscopicity, can disperse or suspend in water after adding water.

Can be used for spraying, bait and soil treatment. Third, soluble powder (water solvent).

Can be directly sprayed or poured on water. Emulsion (also known as EC).

Emulsion after adding water for emulsion, can be used for spraying, pouring, mixing, soaking, poisonous soil, painted stems and so on. V. Ultra low capacity preparation (oil agent). is directly used to spray the medicament, is the ultra-low-volume spray of specialized matching pesticides, use can not add water. Six, particulate and particulate agents. Pesticide formulations are made from pesticides and fillers, which are not easy to produce drug damage.

It is mainly used for filling heart leaves, applicator, point application, mix seed, ditch application and so on. Vii. slow release agent.

The use of pesticide slow release, can effectively prolong the efficacy period, so the residual effect of extension, and reduce pollution and toxicity, the use of common granules. Eight, smoke agent. The smoke agent is a fine powder or ingots made of pesticides, fuels, oxidants, and combustion-supporting agents. This type of pesticide is heated and vaporized, and condenses into solid particles in the air, forming smoke-like, which is mainly used to prevent and control forest, facilities, agricultural pests, and storage insects.