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Methods of storage of pesticides
- Jun 20, 2018 -

First, prevent decomposition.

Storage of pesticides in the place should be cool, dry, ventilation, temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, but also to keep away from the source of fire, to prevent the chemical decomposition of high temperature. Second, to prevent volatilization.

As most pesticides are volatile, the storage of pesticides should pay attention to the implementation of sealing measures to avoid volatilization to reduce efficacy, pollution of the environment, endangering human health. Third, prevent misuse.

Pesticides should be concentrated in one place, do a good job marking, bottled pesticide rupture, to change the good packaging, labeled to prevent misuse. Iv. prevention of failure.

The powder pesticide should be put in the dry place, in order to prevent damp caking and failure. V. Prevention of poisoning.

Pesticides cannot be stored in the same room as grain and oil, beans, seeds, vegetables, food and animal feed, paying special attention not to places where children can reach them. Vi. prevention of deterioration. Pesticides should be classified and stored. According to chemical composition, pesticides can be divided into acidic, alkaline, neutral three major categories.

These three types of pesticides to be stored separately, not too close to the distance, to prevent the deterioration of pesticides, and alkaline substances, ammonium, ammonium nitrate, etc. can be stored together. Seven, prevent fire.

Do not put pesticides and flammable explosives together, such as smoke agents, petrol, etc., to prevent fire. Viii. prevention of freezing. Low temperature should pay attention to antifreeze, temperature remained above 1 ℃. The common method of antifreeze is to use the crushed firewood, chaff shell or not use the quilt cover insulation.