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How to choose the mouse-killing agent correctly
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Chronic killing rats slow, rodents have to take several days to eat, to accumulate poison, the poisoning symptoms will not cause rodents refused to eat and other rat's vigilance. According to the characteristics of rodent feeding, repeatedly put in small doses of anticoagulant chronic rodenticide, so that its continuous feeding, far more than a large dose of dosing effect.

Therefore, a small dose of multiple delivery, not only to achieve a good rodent effect, to avoid unnecessary waste, but also to reduce the other non-target animals swallowed the risk of poisoning, and no pollution to the surrounding environment, no two times poisoning phenomenon. At present, the experimental demonstration of plant protection station in Hubei Province, the effect of killing mice and the promotion of chronic rodenticide are: bromine enemy lung, kill Rat fans, the enemy mouse sodium salt, dalong and so on.