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Classification and dosage forms of pesticides
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The definition of pesticides is defined as the chemical synthesis of diseases, pests, grasses and other harmful organisms that are used to prevent, eliminate or control hazards to agriculture, forestry, and to regulate, control, and influence the metabolism, growth, development and reproduction of plants and harmful organisms, or from biological, A mixture of a substance or several substances produced by other natural products and applied biotechnology. In the narrow sense refers to in the agricultural production, in order to protect, promote the growth of plants and crops, the application of insecticide, sterilization, kill harmful animals (or weeds) a class of drugs collectively.

In agriculture, especially in the control of pests and regulation of plant growth, weeding and other agents. According to the source of raw materials can be divided into organic pesticides, inorganic pesticides, plant pesticides, microbial pesticides. In addition, there are insect hormones. According to the processing dosage form can be divided into powder, wet powder, soluble powder, emulsion, EC, thick emulsion, cream, paste, colloid agent, smoked agent, fumigation agent, smoke agent, oil agent, granule and particulate agent. Most are liquid or solid, and a few are gases.